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Confidence. We all want it, but what is it?

At The Confidence Triangle, we think about confidence as having self-trust and being comfortable in your own skin. It isn’t always big and loud with giant payoffs and big-time glamor. Sometimes confidence is simply showing up.

Another big-ticket author/speaker/social media influencer with a picture-perfect marriage recently announced her divorce. She is asking for privacy. Her followers are stunned.

Cue the collective gasps from the people who bought the books, the tickets, and the t-shirts. Cue the followers’ feelings of being duped. Cue the tut-tut’ers who claim the couple didn’t love Jesus enough. Cue the brokenhearted fans who feel crushed by a stranger’s crumbling marriage.

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Photo Creds: Lisa Kathan Creative

Photo by @lisakathancreative

Photo by Lisa Kathan @lisakathancreative

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T-Ann Pierce

Cognitive Behavior Practitioner, Life Coach & storyteller. Linking arms with women who are ready to thrive despite circumstances and cluster f*cks.

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