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Through neuroimaging, we know a mother’s voice activates reward circuits in a child’s brain. Amazing, right? Our voices imprint on our kids!

Even in utero, a baby recognizes and responds to a mother’s voice. Studies show the profound influence a mother’s voice has on her child’s cognitive, emotional, and social function even when her daughter has been adopted or she came into her daughter’s life at a later time.

Because of the primary position a mother holds, a mother’s voiceprint has a tremendous impact on her daughter’s development.

It is easy to forget, especially when our daughter is chartering her…

Confidence. We all want it, but what is it?

At The Confidence Triangle, we think about confidence as having self-trust and being comfortable in your own skin. It isn’t always big and loud with giant payoffs and big-time glamor. Sometimes confidence is simply showing up.

Being confident doesn’t mean you always know what you are doing or that you are impervious to self-doubt. It doesn’t mean you always feel strong or that you are never afraid. Confidence doesn’t mean you aren’t vulnerable or you don’t fear failure or judgment. Being confident doesn’t mean you are bulletproof.

Being confident is about talking to yourself in a way that allows for…

Cue the collective gasps from the people who bought the books, the tickets, and the t-shirts. Cue the followers’ feelings of being duped. Cue the tut-tut’ers who claim the couple didn’t love Jesus enough. Cue the brokenhearted fans who feel crushed by a stranger’s crumbling marriage.

Why are we shocked and saddened when an influencer’s marriage breaks apart? …

Parenting During the Pandemic: How to Keep Calm and Teach Your Kids to Carry On

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These are unprecedented times. The coronavirus is shapeshifting our lives into unrecognizable forms.

Schools are closed. Businesses are closing. Working from home is optional for some, while many are facing devastating financial losses. Some will lose their jobs temporarily, some forever. Stocks are down, fear is high.

It is easy to project terror into the future. It is easy to catastrophize. It is get swept away in what-ifs. It is easy to allow the fears of what-could-be etch vivid, nightmarish pictures in our minds.


How To Grieve Well In A World That Wants You To Move On

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Grief can feel like a tidal pull, like an infinitesimally thin elastic sphere forcing and distorting our reality over and over again without us ever being in control. It can feel like being crushed and trapped in the bowels of a collapsed building, choking for air through the dust and weight. Grief can feel desperately lonely as if in one deafening crack, we calved from the glacier that has given us strength and security for a millennium.

You cannot live without experiencing grief in thousands of ways.

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I didn’t set out to be an ordained, pole dancing mother of four, but in a colorful life, these things can happen.

Turns out, you can be a mother, passionately tend to the social, emotional, and spiritual health of young adults, AND swing from pole for fun.

Until now, I didn’t spend much time talking about my ‘off-brand’ hobby of pole dancing. Not many people knew, outside my family and close friends. I didn’t pursue these disparate elements in my life to gain social media ‘likes’ or to hustle for worthiness. I didn’t intend to taunt the pearl-clutchers or to…

The Quiet Crisis Of Women Who Have No Right To Complain

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I turned fifty in the middle of my husband’s two-year unemployment. Three of our four kids were in college. Our youngest was in middle school, still in need of braces, algebra tutoring, and sports equipment. Already skint from the economic downturn and a couple of international moves, the unemployment left us financially, mentally, and emotionally drained. But we were able to keep the house. We were lucky.

Around this time, I could no longer rely on my body. I suffered from bouts of searing back pain. My bladder went…

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You saw a need in the market and you filled it. You birthed a business. You felt the euphoria of the first sale. The joy of being quoted in publications. The thrill of pushing past financial goals. You have no boss to please, no one looking over your shoulder. You get to call all the shots and ride the intense highs. People admire your grit. You make it look fun.

Entrepreneurs are a breed unto themselves. Entrepreneurs rarely measure time in days or weeks or months. For them, time is measured from win to win, deadline to deadline, failure to…

Ever-evolving technologies can usher in explosive growth for businesses and that same technology can atrophy seemingly indomitable business models. Is your personal brand strong enough to weather the technology and business storms?

Social media has forever changed how we connect with each other, our clients, and the world. We market ourselves and our businesses in ways we never thought possible even ten years ago. We plan, we post, we try to predict, but social media is fickle. New algorithms and new platforms pop up regularly. …

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Most of us are aware of how toxic negativity can be. We know to avoid people who suck the life out of us and unfollow social media accounts that anger or drain us.

Positive thinking is good for us. Looking on the bright side is good for our physical, mental, and emotional health so we load up on positivity like it’s the magic elixir that will make everything okay.

As entrepreneurs, we are our brands. If we present ourselves as miserable, overwhelmed and fearful human beings, we may very well repel potential clients, so we make it a point to…

Cognitive Behavior Practitioner, Life Coach & storyteller. Linking arms with women who are ready to thrive despite circumstances and cluster f*cks.

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